Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2003 Press Pass Optima

My mom found a pack of this set at the local dollar store earlier in 2018. Crazy to think that a set from 2003 could still be found on store shelves in 2018 isn't it? Even more so considering that the store didn't even exist yet then, it only opened about 5 years ago!

As it turned out, I even needed one of the cards from the pack, even though I did a hobby box when the set was new!

The first card out was #50, the last card in the set, and the checklist, which reuses the packaging picture. The packaging depicted Ryan Newman that year.
#30, David Green. A rarity to see a tobacco sponsored car NOT get censored! 2003 was the final year for Pontiac in NASCAR.

Q&A #QA4. I actually needed this insert! Dale Jarrett was sponsored by UPS so a lot of his cards were brown themed from 2001-07 (when he retired). This insert is team-color coded

Fan Favorite #FF11. A one-per-pack insert, which is die-cut. The large white curved areas are cut outs, not white cardboard. Ward was coming off his most successful season in 2002, winning the Daytona 500.

Gold #G48, a one per pack parallel. Dale Jr. is my all-time favorite driver, so that was a plus. This was a duplicate, which was not a plus. However, every Cup card issued for him between 1999-2007 were censored, as Budweiser was his sponsor.

Even though I only needed one card out of the pack, I still consider it a successful pack as I got something new out of it, from the 2003 season which has probably about the highest completion percentage of any season of the Press Pass era.

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Hotrod Mama said... is amazing to find that card you needed! Glad you did.

SumoMenkoMan said...

Awesome. Crazy that was still for sale outside of a card store.