Tuesday, February 06, 2018

1994 Lime Rock Bozo The Clown

Because Creepy McCreeper was already taken as a clown name, Larry Harmon had to settle for BOZO.  Holy cow, I never thought I had an aversion to clowns until I saw the movie IT, but I am sure this pack will bring back some memories.  Inside this fun-filled pack are 9 cards with a chance to get one of the 50 Collector Cards, one of the 3 Prototypes, or the 1 Checklist.  The back also had a creepy mail in offer where for 2 wrappers & $4.00 you could receive a phone card that was good for one call to the BOZO birthday line where BOZO will sing a birthday song to you.  Don't you want it?  Alright, grab your paper cup full of Kool-Aid and some cake, here we go.

Innocent enough it seems.....It is crazy kids would buy these cards.  Even crazier a grown adult would buy them....hhhm, wait.

#26: Boo, don't crap your pants.

#1: A Gorilla Abduction

#47: Gimme some milk!

#11: Clowns and fire....what could go wrong?

#12: Where are all the kids to scare, officer?

#6: Bombs away.....

#31: Quit horsing around!

#21: Globophobia....the fear of balloons....  crapyopantsaphobia....the fear of clown hair.

#16: Sleep tight....don't let BOZO bite....

The backs seemed to form some sort of puzzle....

There you have it.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week goes well.


Rebel Coyote said...

I remember watching this on WGN in the 80s. I was a kid. Interesting pack

P-town Tom said...


Nice one!

Minormillikin said...

#16 is truly terrifying

Fuji said...

Not a fan of clowns, but card #26 is pretty flippin' awesome!