Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 Japanese BBM Sumo Wrestling

Those that know me, understand my passion for sumo wrestling cards.  It could be a lot weirder, I get it.  But having lived in Japan with a strong tendency to watch sports and collect sports cards, getting hooked on sumo wrestling cards is like all the Transformer Constructicon robots coming together to form the Devastator.  It's scary, ugly, and powerful all at the same time.  Baseball Magazine (BBM) released their annual sumo wrestling set a few weeks ago in time for the start of the New Year's tournament.  I finally got around to opening a box of this product and I thought I'd share one of the 5-card packs here.  Grab your glass of sake and hold on.....

A nice, clean pack.  They never tell you how many autographs are in the set...they leave it a mystery.  (It's 10!, shhhh, don't tell)

#69: Yago....the cards this year looks like they have been attacked by Japanese rice paper...lots of flowers and color on the border.

#37: Kotofuji....normally sumo wrestlers don't sport any facial hair....this must be his 5 o'clock shadow

#16: Hokutofuji weighing in around 350 pounds.

#79: A "Behind The Scene Photo....yes that is beer.  You don't see beer anywhere on sports cards...usually, but in Japan beer is a great way to gain weight.  Here Onosho and Takakeisho show us how it is done.

#89: Another "Behind The Scene Photo" showing us that Aminishi is old.  He has been wrestling for 21 years....18 of them at the highest ranks.  I'm not a fan of the green and purple borders.

Here is what the backs look like on the rikishi cards.

There you go.  I hope your week goes well and you get some good Olympic viewing in!


Fuji said...

Pack design: A+
Card design: A+ (love the rice paper borders)
Pack review: A+

Great post! By the way, do you have any scans of the backs?

SumoMenkoMan said...

Fuji, I just posted the back of the January 2018 Tournament winner, Tochinoshin.

ketchupman36 said...

Beautiful looking cards. Thanks for sharing

Fuji said...

Back Design: A+ Glad the kept the borders and I love the extra photo on the back.

Tony said...

Do you have a Tochinoshin to trade or sell by chance?

SumoMenkoMan said...

I do actually. Shoot me your mailing address at rakuda_chan@yahoo.comcand I’ll send it to you.

Tony said...

Sent email, thank you so much!

SumoMenkoMan said...

Got it. Card on its way tomorrow.