Sunday, February 04, 2018

1989 Topps Football

Who's ready for the Super Bowl? Let's rip a pack from 1989 Topps. Front of pack mention one sticker when there is none. It consist of 1000 yard club insert card.
108 - Reggie White - got a legend with the late Reggie White. He would go to Packers getting a Super Ring against the Patriots.
86 - Keith Millard - Vikings Pro Bowler
376 - Mark Murphy - now working in Packers front office
262 - Dexter Manley - a beast for sacking QBs drugs derailed his career
157 - Dalton Hilliard
325 - Tampa Bay Buccanneers - finished 5-11 in 1988. Photo showed them chasing down 49ers player from a game that took place in week 2 of 1989 season which Bucs lost. Hall referring to Ron Hall (No. 82) who played tight end. Must be special team play since Ronnie Lott (no. 42) intercepted both of Vinny Testaverde passes.
316 - David Little - look at the gum stain imprint
13 - Gary Anderson (1000 Yard Club) - its 1000 yard club insert card. This is Chargers RB Gary Anderson running over 1100 yards despite missing two games.
21 - Jeff Fuller
79 - Anthony Carter
215 - Clarence Verdin - before there was Dante Hall and Devin Hester there this guy who was one of best return specialist during this time.
187 - Paul Moyer
34 - Jim Skow
 88 - D.J. Dozier - lesser known two sport player. After his football career ended he played in Mets minor league system getting called in 1992 playing in his only 25 games of his MLB career.
149 - Kevin Mack - nice catch
 163 - Rickey Jackson - last card with that wax stain residue when open a pack. Pack starts with Hall of Famer and ends with Hall of Famer.

Who got the pizza and wings ready for the Super Bowl?


Billy Kingsley said...

This design looks older than 1989 to me. Looks more early 80s. It's not bad though.

Bulldog said...

Reggie White - a bit of foreshadowing? HoF and just a good guy. Not a huge fan of the design but some good cards here. Gary Anderson and Anthony Carter are a couple of favorites of mine. I also love any Bucs in the creamsicle unis. Dalton Hilliard was a really good back in the day. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Some great stuff there.

Grant said...

Three Vikes is a sweet pack in my book.