Thursday, March 01, 2018

2018 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Pack

Ah, nothing like something new.  Heritage might be my least favorite product simply because of the way it's packaged.  I'm not talking about the wrapper or the box, but simply I think the product is way over priced for what you get per box.  Each hobby box only guarantees one hit, either a relic or an auto, and it's most likely a relic.  I can't really hate the design, it's classic Topps.  The card stock is no where close to the original, but the set is fine.  I like the large checklist and my team, the Brewers, even is pretty well represented in the set.  I don't like the manufactured short print cards.  But if you're lucky enough to find a hit there are a couple really cool inserts.  I stopped by my LCS today and picked up a couple of packs of Heritage. I wish I could say I hit something, but both packs were pretty meh.  And at $4.00 a pack this will most likely be all that I buy other than my team set.  My apologies there is a lot of complaining above and I know we are here for the cards.  Let's see what I got out of what I consider my best pack.

 First up is Mr. DeGrom's base card.  I did double check and I didn't have any SP's or variations in either pack. 

 I did snag a World Series card out of the base set.  I always loved these cards.

 My pack hit was this Andrew Benintendi Deckled edge insert. 

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Bulldog said...

Great World Series and Benintendi cards! The non base cards are the most interesting parts of this set. Thanks for sharing.