Sunday, March 11, 2018

1978 Donruss All Pro Skateboard

You are looking at the wrapper to an oddball set made by Donruss in 1978 called "All-Pro Skateboard!" This is vintage wax at its finest. Each pack contains 5 sticker/cards and 1 regular sticker. The set contains 44 total pieces, including two unnumbered cards.

The fronts of the sticker/cards, er the "sticker side," features some groovy skateboard-related imagery, text, and sayings. The sticker/card number is generally featured in the lower right corner:

The sticker side features a peel-and-stick that is roughly die cut around the text and image, though not necessarily tightly so.

The "card side" of each of the sticker/cards features some of the shoddiest photography I have ever seen on a card. Wow, there are bad. The shots feature the specified skateboarder in action alongside a border on the left and right composed of red and blue lines. Below the image, red text details the person's name. age, team, specialty, and other related info. Beneath that, black text gives some history about the person. Here, we have Stacy Peralta, Russ Gosnell, and Steve Schissler:

The images in this pack are fairly bleeding, giving them an almost 3d (red/blue) effect. The pure sticker has nothing on the back. Not sure why they decided to make some with nothing on the backs. We have Dave Dillberg and Ed Nadalin:


The Angels In Order said...

Oh man, those are awesome! I vaguely remember them, but had completely forgotten about them. I would have been 13 at the time.

SumoMenkoMan said...

Wow, those are awesomely bad. I have never seen them before, but they are really old school for sure.

Brian said...


Fuji said...

Very cool. I've heard about this product before... and I think maybe I've seen a picture of the wrapper or an unopened pack, but this is the first time I've gotten a closer look at the cards. Thanks for posting this.

mike said...

The stickers at the top looks like something Kohl's puts on today's novelty T-shirts they sell in the kids section. Far ahead of their time. Fun to think these pre-dated Thrasher and Big Brother, and likely hit an even smaller niche market than those magazines started out hitting.