Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2018 Topps Opening Day Jumbo Hanger Pack

Picked up a couple Opening Day hangers on my last shopping trip.  I decided not to build any sets this year, but I'm allowing myself a few packs here and there of the new stuff.  The 24 card hangers offer 3 inserts per pack. 
Here are my base.

 Love the horizontals.
The backs are identical to flagship except that card is noted as Opening Day under the card number.
The inserts are really what makes the set.  You gotta love the Mascot cards.

I also pulled a Team Traditions and Celebrations card.

 And a team Opening Day card.

 I was also lucky enough to pull an Opening Day Blue Foil Parallel card. Topps stopped serial numbering these cards, but I do believe they are still print runned to the year. 


P-town Tom said...

I look forward to the Opening Day blue foil parallels every year. They are always very sharp looking.

Anonymous said...

And the dbags cheated by stealing signs during the wc game last year and the commissioner did nothing about it.