Monday, March 05, 2018

2018 Topps Heritage Baseball - Hanger Box

It's all over the blogs.  Seriously.  2018 Topps Heritage is everywhere.  You can find blogger group breaks, bloggers' results and even some negative opinions on how Topps went about the set.  We've even already opened a pack here for you.  Since it's still the talk of the week, I figured why not also show the hanger box results. 

These hadn't even hit the Target shelf yet.  There were some boxes sitting open on the register at the card aisle.  So, I looked and inside and found three hanger boxes and a few fat packs.  Decided to pick them all up. 

I remember some time before what I bought the hanger boxes there were five or more inserts in each box.  I'm not sure if they've cut that number down across all sets, or just Heritage since it's the "set builder" set.  Each hanger box came with two inserts and one SP. 

The SP card in the box is located right in front of the two inserts. 

The Buster Posey Chrome is #d/999. 

The way that Topps seems to shove Aaron Judge down our collective throats, I expected to get three of his cards in the hanger box.  It was just this one, though. 

Since I've opened two, I'll show off the second one as well. 

I like that this is a little bit like the old days because it's an early season release.  Jay Bruce's short tenure with the Indians is preserved on cardboard. 

In the last few days I've gone back and forth on whether I want to attempt to collate the set.  It was never a "yes" until I had some in hand.  Now I think I'm bad to know though.  It's just too expensive to chase the SPs and all that when I'm not even a baseball fan anymore.  I do want to collect the 2020 Heritage set and maybe the 2019 sets.  Those are two of my favorite Topps designs.  I think we're back to a "no" on this one.  Hopefully 2019 and 2020 won't have the stupid nickname variations. 

What are your thoughts on the set as a whole?  Do you have Heritage-mania?  Are you collating a set?  Let us know your thought in the comments section. 

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P-town Tom said...

I like the look of the All-Star cards. Well done. Thanks for sharing!

Hackenbush said...

I have no desire to collect them. It just made me want to look at my childhood 1969 collection.

Twitch said...

Would seriously consider collecting *just* the all-star cards from the base set. They look great. The rest is pretty much meh as ever.