Sunday, May 03, 2020

1994 Topps Series 1 Football

Here is a 12 card pack of Series 1. These packs included 330 base, Inserted Special Effects 1:2 & Topps Finest 1:36. My 12 cards didn't include any inserts but did include 2 future Viking HOFers Cris Carter & Chris Doleman.  Below is a picture of the pack, Fronts & Backs of all 12 cards.


Fuji said...

Was familiar with Novacek catching passes as a tight end... but didn't realize he was the Cowboys' holder too. Very cool.

Bulldog said...

To heck with the hall of famers...any Bucs in the Creamsicle jerseys is a win. Fun pack. Novaceck and Nickerson were really good as well.