Friday, February 04, 2022

2020 Panini Chronicles Football Value Pack


After months upon months of not being able to find sports cards on store shelves in the midst of a pandemic, I was surprised to see a few packs pop up over at a local Walgreen's store. I don't really collect NFL cards aside from Oregon alums and a few stray Eagles, so I normally wouldn't reach for a pack like this. However, I was pretty starved for packs to open in general, and I was eager to chase Justin Herbert cards.

34 - T.J. Hockenson - This is what the base Chronicles design looked like in 2020. It's a little nicer than previous years, but is still very busy.

91 - Chris Godwin - I'm glad that Tampa Bay didn't have a lengthy run as America's Team or whatever.

49 - Travis Kelce - As an Eagles fan who also watched through the Andy Reid era, I have rooted for the Chiefs at times but mostly think of Travis Kelce as Jason's brother. Sorry, but it's true.

7 - Lamar Jackson - Here's a look at the base design's card back. Jackson had a hard fall this season from what I gathered.

65 - Randy Moss - Unlike Chronicles sets in other sports, it seems like you do get a good bit of the base design in these packs.

PA-4 - Jordan Love Panini Bronze - The non-base cards tend to be rookie-focused. This appears to be a bronze parallel of the regular Panini design.

O-8 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire Omega - Here's our first look at one of the old Pacific designs.

O-21 - Michael Pittman Jr. Omega - The Omega inserts are apparently exclusive to this Value Pack configuration.

RR-GB - Gabriel Davis Clearly Donruss - These Rated Rookies get the "Clearly Donruss" treatment. I'm a pretty big fan of clear acetate cards.

205 - Jerry Jeudy Luminance Update - I've never heard of this guy, but I really like the Luminance design with the full bleed photos. The card numbering is a continuation from the regular Luminance set that came out in 2020.

GK-12 - Jonthan Taylor Gridiron Kings - These are the football equivalent of Diamond Kings / Court Kings.

PA-8 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire Panini - The second Edwards-Helaire card of the pack. Does anyone call him CEH? I guess that doesn't really roll off the tongue.

210 - Jalen Hurts Luminance Update - Here's a nice one for my meager Eagles collection.

GK-17 - Brandon Aiyuk Gridiron Kings - My only gripe with these is that the frames are a little too thick.

GK-40 - Jeff Okudah Gridiron Kings - The third and final Gridiron Kings card of the pack is a Lions cornerback. It's also the very last card of the pack.

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