Friday, August 26, 2011

1997 Fleer (Retail)

I was a huge fan of Fleer when they decided to go with a matte feel on their cards in 1996 and 1997.  So much a fan that I searched for a box of each year to feature in one my Affordable Group Breaks.  Today I bring you one pack from 1997 Fleer.

#251 Steve Avery | #172 Ramiro Mendoza | #354 Billy Wagner

I like the little 1996 World Series stamp on the Avery & Mendoza cards.

#204 Joey Cora | #250 Mike Timlin | #163 Mariano Duncan

Does anyone still collecting bunting cards?

#494 Chipper Jones (Checklist)

Oh come on, do you really think Chipper was going to share his space with 2 other players?

#430 Jeff King | #140 Bob Wickman | #271 Mark Wohlers

The backs aren't flashy, but then again neither are the fronts.  I like that.  Plain and simple.  Other companies could take note...wait a minute...there are no "other companies" anymore.  Topps, are you reading this?  We want plain and simple cards again!


The Lost Collector said...

These were a TTMers dream!

Justin McLeod said...

That's a lot of current and former Braves in that pack!

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Topps doesn't know how to read.