Wednesday, March 06, 2013

1992 Pinnacle Series 1 Jumbo

Once upon a time, Pinnacle was Score's answer to the growing "premium" baseball card market. 1992 was a year that everyone was trying new things, and this would be another entry (along side Score Select) into the market, one I managed to almost completely avoid the first time around. I don't remember where I got this particular pack, but I do know that I didn't pay anywhere close to the $2.99 list price or $1.79 price that is written in marker on the front.

245 - Manuel Lee
260 - John Wehner
275 - Dave Fleming - Fleming had a stellar rookie season but kinda disappeared after that.

290 - Kenny Lofton Sidelines - Lofton played basketball for more than just a hobby. He was a pretty serious player in his day.
305 - Jay Buhner Shades - Reminds me of this excellent post over at The Junior Junkie.
231 - Steve Avery

246 - Mike Pagliarulo
13 of 80 - Gregg Olson Team 2000 - There are 3 Team 2000 inserts in each jumbo pack. Olson was a top notch reliever for a spell.
21 of 80 - Larry Walker Team 2000 - Always nice to get a Larry card.

38 of 80 - Gary DiSarcina Team 2000
141 - Pete Schourek
159 - Felix Jose - Hey, a Cardinal!

161 - Tim Wallach
179 - Randy Milligan
181 - Kirt Manwaring

199 - Terry Mulholland
201 - Dave Magadan
219 - Bob Tewksbury - Another Cardinal! A very underrated one at that.

59 - Harold Reynolds
61 - Gregg Olson - Second Olson card of the pack.
79 - Ozzie Guillen

81 - Gary Gaetti
99 - Juan Samuel
101 - Tom Browning

9 - Andy Van Slyke
11 - Kevin Seitzer
29 - Lou Whitaker


Unknown said...

I rediscovered this set recently. I've thought about trying to finish building it. It's really a nice looking set.

Peterson said...

best photo: tie Van Slyke and Ozzie
most hilarious pose on a blue jay?
omigod that's Juan helluva move.

The Junior Junkie said...

Gasp! I've never seen that Buhner card. Is that the stubbly beginning of the famous Buhner goatee I see?

If you're trading that thing, let me know!

JediJeff said...

Kirt "what was that" Manwaring.

Marcus said...

I love the 92 Pinnacle set! I'm so close to finishing Series 1 that I can taste it. I don't really have anything to add to this, but I feel obligated to post a comment whenever it comes to 92 Pinnacle. '92 was an awesome year for collecting, but I might be biased because it was my first.