Friday, December 24, 2021

2018 Funko Harry Potter Mystery Minis Series 3


Hope everyone is well and staying safe.  It's Christmas Eve and we've gone far too long without a pack here.  However, we'll all too busy to post.  That means it's time to grab some archived scans.  And since it's the magical time of year...

Is ol' Jafronius a Harry Potter fan?  No.  Does ol' Jafronius's kids collect Harry Potter?  No again.  So why is ol' Jafronius showing mini Harry Potter Funkos?  Pretty simple...I came across an open package at the Target a few years ago, and took pictures of the contents before turning it in.

This is the third series of Mystery Minis for the franchise, so I assume there's a total of 36 little wizards around by now.  The back of the box shows off who you could get and the odds of getting one:

I have no idea who most of these characters are.  Each character is sealed in a black plastic bag and is loose in the box.  Who did someone try to steal but then decided not to when they opened the pack?

Pretty obvious as to why the would-be thief rejected Harry here, since he's essentially a common figure with a 1 in 6 chance in getting him.  Still, if you were a fan of the books and movies, I assume you still wouldn't mind having him.

Anyway, a short and sweet post for Christmas.  You're welcome.  Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for reading!

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