Tuesday, September 20, 2022

2022 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms

 Hello. I've opened quite a few packs of this hoping to put together a set of this. 

Here is one pack of this newish set. FWIW this pack was from one of the toy aisle mega box.

These cards are pretty self-explanatory; 100 a cards, and 100 b cards with a few inserts thrown in.


Didn't pull any cards from the Gross Adaptations insert set, but I did pull a Booger Green parallel card.


 Couldn't find much better a candidate than Snot Jam ANNE.

These come one in every pack.

I also bull the b card of Green MAUREEN. That would've been a good green parallel too.


I've always liked the artwork on these GPK cards. Literary themes are cool.

The cool thing about GPK is that the basic logo and font hasn't changed in 40ish years.

The gross out humor also hasn't changed much either.

Levar Burton puking out a literal reading rainbow is great. 


OhioTim said...

I have not collected GPK cards in a long time and decided to buy a box of these. Part of it for me is that I am a book worm myself. I am thinking of trying to at least collect the "a" set of 100.

Jeremy said...

I bought two mega boxes of this and still 40 cards short of the a and b set. If you see this comment, I should have some a cards to trade for if you need them.

Fuji said...

I'll always have a soft spot for GPK cards. Remember working a summer in Hawaii and using some of the money on packs of GPK down at the corner store. I wonder if kids collect these (most of my students are into Pokemon) or if the majority of collectors are people reliving their childhood like me.

OhioTim said...

I do see this comment. I plan to sort my GPK cards tomorrow and would be happy to work something out with you. My email is steeltim120276(at)gmail(dot)com

flywheels said...

I'm building the A & B set and I have a few doubles and all the parallels I pulled available for trade. Currently I have them listed on TCDB, but I'm willing to trade outside the site too. If anyone is interested in trading, you can hit me up at flywheels at yahoo.com