Saturday, December 19, 2009

2008 Topps Heritage Original Buyback Card - 1959

As you are likely aware half of the 2008 Topps Heritage Hobby Boxes contained a buy back card from the original 1959 Topps set. Above you can see the wrapper that houses the buy back card. If you click to enlarge this you may be able to see the team logo on the card through the wrapper. It is just left of the '59 on the 50th anniversary emblem.

I could tell this was a the 50s era Red Sox logo before opening the package - so no chance of pulling a 59 Mantle, Gibson or Hank Aaron for me.

Buy Back

1959 Topps #161 Frank Baumann 1959 Topps #161 Frank Baumann Buy Back

I have been building the 59 Topps Set and I was hoping to get a card that I do not have yet, but as luck would have it I pulled a Frank Baumann buy back of which, I already have an original. The Buy Back is in slightly better collection, and I expect to keep it just so I can show comparison shots as the one above. Baumann had a pretty decent eleven year career with both the Red Sox and White Sox. He won the ERA title in 1960 which was his best season when he won 13 games. During the 1961 season he knocked out both of his two career homers. One of those homers was hit on July 13th 1961 in a game where both Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris hit homers.

I have details of the rest of the 2008 Heritage double Box Break up at Phungo.

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