Thursday, December 06, 2012

1992 Ultimate Trading Card Company World League of American Football

Wow - shocked there is not some character limit in the subject line. Snagged this pack from the famous Target $1.59 box. The WLAF, for those unfamiliar, was sort of a training ground for NFL players. Like the minors, but in exotic locations. It was also an attempt by the NFL to broaden it's fan base locally. Not sure if the league helped with that, or just the spread of technology. However, Ultimate did put out a card set for the league, so let's give it a gander.

Pretty straight forward foil pack. Note the chance at one MILLION dollars. So when I crack this baby open and get that million, I am the hell out of here. Let me just say now that I hate you all, and you can jump in a river for all I care. I especially want to call out Night Owl, Plaschke, Fuji and Heartbreaking Cards for their sheer suckitude. Million dollars baby - EAT IT! Here's the cards before I head out on my jet setting lifestyle, losers. And cuz I am a kind soul to you paupers, I scanned the front and back and put them together. It's the least a millionaire can do.

I can't say I ever remembered games from the WLAF. The cards have a real "Classic" look to them. Surprising, right? Nice team name on the side, and data about the player on the back.

 He's labeled a punter. And he's kicking a field goal. Non-millionaire peasant!

Like we don't know how the game is played. Also interesting they use a regular NFL star instead one of the minimum wage minor leaguers. Here's the back of that card.

I guess this set was more geared to the new foreign fans that were to be massing to the sport.

Interesting the horizontal card still has the front like a regular card. Lazy people - I am buying out the company and firing the whole group!

Team cards. Nice view of the helmet. And team facts on the back. No player checklist though. I wonder if it's on another card.

Besides the Kelly, who are all these guys? I bet I find one or two of them vacuuming my pool next year. Ok - time for the simple formalities.

One million dollars. Don't save my contact information cuz all y'all will be blocked. No money for you moochers!

Kelly or LT autograph cards. Only LOSERS win those. Here we go.....

Wait, wait, wait.....WHAT? I have to collect ALL the letters? This isn't some instant win scratch off. Just like some two bit league and some two bit card company to pull some shenanigans like this. guys. Yeah....uh....I was just being funny up there with the loser and moocher comments. And in my part of the country, "suckitude" is a term of endearment. Guys, where you going? Guys, no wait....come back. I was just goofing. Oh come on, please. I'll buy pizza.


madding said...

Ah, the good ol' We-LAF league. When did Target start selling 20 year old packs? That's crazy. This probably cost 3 times as much as it did in 1992.

Fuji said...

You can call me a "loser" or "moocher" as much as you want... the fact that I'm mentioned in the same sentence as Night Owl, Plaschke, and Heartbreaking Cards is an honor in itself ;-)

Josh D. said...

At least you got Ricky Williams! He was so good that the Saints gave up a LOT for him.

Oh got RickEy Williams. Sorry, Dude.