Monday, February 18, 2013

2012-13 Panini Absolute Basketball Rak Pak

It seems like Panini cranks out a new basketball product every couple of weeks or so. Some of their stuff makes it to the big box retail shelves, and I've been on a bit of a daring basketball kick lately. I expected this pack to cost $4.99 like most rack packs, but I think I actually ended up paying close to $7. Yikes. Scroll on to see some completely non-scanner friendly images.

65 - Roy Hibbert - Hibbert is being guarded by LaMarcus Aldridge here. He an Aldridge were nearly teammates, but the Pacers matched the gargantuan contract offer thrown at Hibbert last summer by the Trail Blazers. Oh, and yes, this is a foilboard set.

23 - Zach Randolph - Yesterday's All-Star Game appearance was just the second of Randolph's career. He's played for too many lousy teams.

80 - Tim Duncan

37 - Chris Paul - First Clipper (in the Clippers era of the franchise) to be voted All-Star Game MVP.

94 - Thaddeus Young

5 - Dwight Howard All-Stars - This is a "rak pak" only insert. You get one in each pack, but no other inserts apparently. It's actually kind of refreshing to see a non-foilboard card show up.

28 - Deron Williams

85 - Ryan Anderson - If a young Doug Martsch was an NBA basketball player, he'd be Ryan Anderson.

43 - Gordon Hayward

1 - Kevin Love - Love is a young white dude from the Portland area, so of course he has a hipster beard. Of course.

18 - Derrick Favors - Fairly typical Panini card back, but they take the front photo and sort of put it through an Instagram filter or something.

53 - Eric Gordon

11 - Brendan Haywood - Haywood has been a bit of a journeyman in his career, so it's interesting to see him pop up in a supposedly classy Panini set.

34 - Joakim Noah

91 - Luol Deng - A pair of Bulls who are probably sick of answering questions about how much they miss Derrick Rose.

49 - Brook Lopez - It was funny to see Lopez on the All-Star team this year, when he nearly was cast aside for Dwight Howard on the Nets roster.

7 - Blake Griffin - I was hoping we were going to see Blake Griffin dunk over two Kias this year. Well, maybe not.

41 - Kevin Martin - I think this is a Photoshop job. Martin was one of the consolation trade pieces in the Thunder's move to dump James Harden because they couldn't afford him.

98 - Tayshaun Prince

56 - David West - West's numbers have taken a bit of a dip since joining the Pacers, but he's starting to get back on track.

 14 - Ty Lawson

71 - Serge Ibaka - Ibaka is one of the stronger defensive forces in the league.

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The Junior Junkie said...

I'm not a big Basketball guy, but I do know that we miss David West in New Orleans. He was one of those "soul of the team" guys that everybody likes.

And those are NOT scanner friendly!