Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage

The other day, a certain after hours bird was whining that this pack hasn't been posted. So let's stick this in his beak and quiet him up.

This is a retail pack grabbed at Target. I think we know all, but for those under a rock trying to avoid the high pitched voice of a certain flying creature, 9 cards in a pack. Did I pull something good?

Nice work replicating the 1964 design. Freese thinks a certain feathered animal complains too much.


Bochy likes to ignore after hour bloggers that expect instant gratification.

Santana is fairly certain that people that work second shifts have bad body odor.

Four players that have better things to do than visit a craphole like Watertown, NY.

Heyward is admiring his bat and wonders if a particular fowl would explode in a puff of feathers like that bird hit by the Randy Johnson pitch.

"Yeah - sure the trophy is in my ear. At least my head is not up my a......"

Molina is chromey and classy, unlike a certain avarian.

Sandoval wishes nothing but many Dodger losses for a specific member of the genus Tyto.

Betancourt believes when it comes to birds, nothing beats an unladen swallow.


night owl said...

Psssh. I see I finally got someone off their butt.

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Nice Yadi card!