Monday, September 25, 2017

50 Assorted Houston Oilers Cards

I went to Astros game last week and stop by one of many team shops in the stadium. I found this at one of the shops and picked it up. It contains 50 random cards of Houston Oilers who are now Tennessee Titans. The cards will be posted by year and set.
1981 Topps: 58 - Mike Renfro - man when I bought this I never expected a card from over 35 years ago to be in it.
1982 Topps: 97 - Ken Burrough; 101- Vernon Perry; 106 - Greg Stemrick - Topps kicked ass with this design. One note NFLPA license the cards. I wonder when NFL properties license came to be.

1987 Topps: 307 - Warren Moon; 310 - Ernest Givins; 313 - Dean Steinkuhler - got Warren Moon who was face of the Oilers from mid 80s to the early 90s. Also got Givins rookie card who was one of many go to guys for Moon. He finished his rookie yard with over 1000 yards in receiving.
1988 Topps 1000 Yards Club: 7 - Drew Hill - 1988 Topps insert set of players who went over 1000 yards in 1987 season. 1987 also the year the players went on strike and owners field the teams with replacements. Due to the strike 750 yards was the requirement to be in 1000 yards club. Hill finished the season with 989 yards in receiving that season. 
1988 Topps: 103 Warren Moon; 105 - Alonzo Highsmith; 108 - Curtis Duncan; 107 - Ernest Givens - Alonzo Hold Out became a bust
1989 Topps: 94 - Johnny Meads; 105 - Allen Pinkett
1989 Score Supplemental: 322S - Allen Pinkett; 415S - Tony Zendejas - the classic 1989 Score football design. Supplemental set is Score version of Topps Traded/Update series.
1989 Pro Set: 146 - Drew Hill; 149 - Warren Moon - Pro Set debut set with another Moon card.
1990 Score: 407 - John Grimsley; 441 - Mike Rozier; 534 - Sean Jones; 584 - Bruce Matthews; 631 - Lamar Lathon
1990 Pro Set: 359 - Warren Moon - I was 10 years old when I went to supermarket and saw stand of this heavily over-produed set.
1990 Fleer: 125 - Steve Brown
1990 Stars and Stripes: 1 - Warren Moon - junk wax era produce sets like these which comes with candy canes
1991 Star Pics: 97 - Darryll Lewis - 2nd round pick went to Pro Bowl once
1991 Pro Set: 27 - Earl Campbell - made the Hall of Fame that year. The carnage from his playing days took a toll on him. It was evident when I met him at autograph signing a decade ago.
1991 Pacific: 179 - Bubba McDowell
1991 Bowman: 180 - Warren Moon - Bowman designs were really bland during their first three years of the brand return.
1991 Pro Line Portraits: 67 - Al Smith; 125 - Haywood Jefferies; 280 - Mike Dumas - Pro Line jumped in the game and instead of game shots they did candid shots. I got two cards of Mike Dumas.
1991 Score: 619 - Warren Moon - Score award winners subset
1992  Topps: 715 - Bucky Richardson - he got a card despite being drafted in the 8th round. Back of the card listed his position as RB with rushing stats despite being a QB.
1993 Upper Deck: 375 - Ernest Givens - despite 787 yards in receiving he caught 10 TDs in 92 season
1993 Skybox Impact: 120 - Haywood Jeffires - even Skybox got into football card market.
1994 Pinnacle: 235 - Ray Childress - He's been inducted in college and Texas Hall of Fame. How come he's not enshrined in Canton? I got two of this same card.
1995 Topps: 179 - Ray Childress - another one of him
1994 Bowman: 34 - Ray Childress - this about become a theme
 1994 Upper Deck: 52 - Ray Childress - four (five if you count the double) random Childress cards in this pack
1995 Skybox Impact: 58 - Haywood Jeffires; 60 - Lorenzo White; 171 - Steve McNair - Oilers down year netted them the late Air McNair with 3rd overall pick.
1995 Skybox Premium: 49 - Haywood Jeffires; 50 - Gary Brown; 161 - Steve McNair; 181 - Chris Sanders - Skybox put out Premium set which I can't tell the difference between this and their Impact brand.
1996 Classic NFL Rookies: 76 - Steve McNair
1997 Collector's Edge: 145 - Kevin Dyson - 1997 sets would have Oilers name for the final time as they moved to Tennessee after 1996 season becoming the Titans. Several things on this: tried find info on this Collector's Edge set and I believe its filled with parallels. This one is Odyssey parallel set. Also Dyson will forever be known as the receiver in "The Last Play Tackle" from Super Bowl 39.
1997 Upper Deck Collector Choice: 181 - Anthony Dorsett

 Those few early 1980s cards were a surprise to me. Then there's Warren Moon was one of favorites when I was kid. Now that's a trip to nostalgia of 1980s and 1900s Houston Oilers days.


Fuji said...

I know they'll never be worth a lot of money, but I sure love early 90's Pro Set cards. That Campbell is awesome.

Registered History said...

Wow, talk about a blast from the past. Thanks for taking me back to my childhood, getting all those extra junk wax cards from my dad and wondering whatever happened to those Houston Oilers...not realized they moved to Nashville!

Jason L said...

Those McNairs are sweet!