Monday, November 19, 2018

1994-95 Fleer Hockey

Card design of 1995 Fleer was strange. They got artsy and ends up a mess on baseball and basketball. Not sure about football because I never seen one. Then there is the 250 card hockey set. There are 12 cards a pack with one insert. How does it look?
149 - Alexei Yashin - you know what? It looks good on hockey. It uses team colors on both sides of the card.
23 - Pat LaFontaine
3 (of 10) Netminders - Dominik Hasek - Netminders insert card featuring top goalies. One of few players to lay claim on winning Olympic gold and Stanley cup.
12 - Al Iafrate
59 - Sergei Fedorov - different design but it still looks good.
98 - Andrew Cassels - Whalers colors on the card
39 - Chris Chelios
133 - Alexei Kovalev - another design but still looking good
230 - Cliff Ronning - for those who played NHLPA 93 he was best offensive player in the game
113 - Claude Lemieux - forget Sean Avery. He's the biggest shit-stirrer on ice and backs it up.
201 - Michal Sykora - played 7 seasons in NHL before finishing his career in Czech league
159 - Chris Therien - mainstay of the Flyers for 11 seasons

While 95 Fleer design was a miss for baseball and basketball, this design fits for hockey. The player is out in front with either watermark of him or faded team logo on the background. Fleer scores a goal with this design in hockey.


Matt said...

Sabres hockey in the 90s was worth watching just because Hasek was in goal.

Fuji said...

I wonder how many guys have won Olympic gold, a Stanley Cup championship, and been inducted into the hall of fame.

Bulldog said...

Not bad at all. Wasn't doing hockey back then but I probably would have liked them. Good stuff .

Anonymous said...

I didn't mind the design. Very colourful and unique. Maybe I would feel differently if Fleer had this design every year. But since it's a one off design it inspired me to put the set together. I am close to completing the set - within I think under 20 cards. Not much interest in 90's hockey set singles so I rarely see them at card shows. And 1 insert set to complete.