Friday, July 12, 2019

2019 Bowman Platinum

I wasn't planning on picking up any Bowman Platinum, but I needed some socks, so I stopped by Wally World and the sports cards were justing being restocked.  So why not.
 Here are you odds and NPN address.

The set, like regular bowman has two main sets, the base set featuring vets and rookies, and the Top Prospects sets featuring prospects.  Let's see what was in the pack.

 Oh man these cards are shiny.  Here's a look at the base backs.
 Wow. I wonder if Topps is having a contest with it's designers to see you can use the smallest size for the card numbers.  This one is in the running with Gypsy Queen.  Here are the rest of the base cards.

 This pack also had 4 prospects, the pack promises an exclusive parallel, but I could tell if any of the four were a parallel.

 I did get two inserts as well.  This DeGrom Platinum Presence.

 And this Heibert Ruiz Prizmatic Protogies. 

Nothing super exciting but there were super shiny.

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Scribbled Ink said...

Not an awesome pack. Platinum has been very good to me this year, most years I get what you just got from most busts.