Friday, December 25, 2020

2020 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Blaster Exclusive Parallels


Merry Christmas, everyone! As a follow-up to last night's post, let's check out the bonus pack from a 2020 Stadium Club Chrome blaster.

350 - Danny Santana - Stadium Club Chrome gets the X-Fractor treatment here. This is card number 350, which shows that the Stadium Club Chrome set (400 cards) is actually significantly larger than the regular Stadium Club set (300 cards), despite getting significantly fewer cards for the same price. I doubt anyone is trying to put together this set, though. Apparently it began life as Stadium Club Chrome Update before dropping the "Update" portion of the name somewhere along the way.

272 - Don Mattingly - This one has sort of a copper look to it because of all of the dirt in the background.

356 - Miles Mikolas - How do people feel about X-Fractors these days? Is everyone tired of them? I suppose that they're kind of fun.

308 - Roger Clemens - It's the Rocket. I know what I'm really tired of: those Rocket Mortgage tv commercials. Please make them stop.


James Jay said...

I commented on your 1977 blog and your 1974 blog but you don't respond :'(

madding said...

James - there are different authors for each of the posts here. I'm afraid you might have me confused with someone else.