Tuesday, March 15, 2022

1990 Leaf Baseball Series Two

Continuing to check off packs we haven't tagged yet, today we have 1990 Leaf Baseball Series 2. 

Here we go...

Starting things off are Carlos Quintana and Norm Charlton. Quintana once played a game in Pawtucket and Boston in the same day. Charlton is a 1x All-Star who won a ring in Cincinnati the year this card came out.

Dante Bichette... what a fun slugger to watch. Got to catch him at the old-timers game a few years back. Danny Darwin may best be known for a some clubhouse scuffles but was the NL ERA leader in 1990.

Manny Lee played between 1985-1995 and won a ring in Toronto in 1992. Ron Gant was a two-time All-Star with 321 career home runs.
Future A's/Padres Skipper Bob Melvin in his playing days, followed by Luis Salazar, who lost an eye after being hit by a foul ball as a coach in the Braves system in 2011.

Craig Lefferts, as of 2020, is the last pitcher to hit a walk off home run. Lee Guetterman was something of a utility pitcher, going where he was needed.  

Scoot Coolbaugh played in the USA and overseas, and is currently a coach in the Tigers organization. Jeff Brantley is a former All-Star and saves leader who is enshrined in the SF Giants hall-of-fame.
Mike Jackson compiled a 3.42 ERA with 1006 strikeouts... approximately 1 strikeout for every game he played. Willie Randolph was a 6-time All-Star who once lead the league in walks.
Finally, Bryn Smith, a career 3.53 pitcher with over 1000 k's, and our puzzle pieces.


Alan Deakins said...

-Leaf was ahead of its time in 1990....I still like this set alot....

Anonymous said...

Not crazy about the grey, but a nice-looking set.

Brett Alan said...

That particular puzzle-piece card makes for an interesting piece of abstract art.