Wednesday, September 20, 2023

2002 Fleer Tradition


2002 was a time of intense patriotism in this country, and people were still pretty excited about the New York Yankees. The year's Fleer Tradition pack wrappers take both of these into account. This contains five MLB trading cards and no more.

340 - Jeff Kent - Kent is often discussed as a should-be Hall of Famer, but I seem to recall his attitude towards the media not making him a lot of long term friends among the voting ranks.

217 - Jesus Colome - I always thought the Devil Rays uniforms were pretty hideous, but we're already at the point where nostalgia has crept in and people really want to talk about the Devil Rays days. I wonder if they'll change their name back once they open their new stadium.

226 - Jack Wilson - Does anyone recall what that star patch on Wilson's uniform was all about?

124 - Michael Tucker - This continues the theme of names you kinda remember.

299 - Tony Clark - Clark is best known these days as an MLBPA head, but early in his career he put up some pretty impressive offensive numbers.

Here's a look at the back for all of you card back nerds (like me.)


Anonymous said...

Decent looking set.

Anonymous said...

That is one hideous back though.

Big Tone said...

Didn't that star represent being named to the All Star team?

POISON75 said...

Star for Stargell after his passing in 2001