Friday, September 29, 2023

2022 ONIT Jacksons Oregon Ducks Football


As one of their early NIL efforts, the Oregon Ducks partnered with a group called ONIT Athlete to make a trading card set sold in packs exclusively at Jacksons convenience stores in Oregon. The set contains a whopping 100 cards, featuring 99 different players from the 2022 roster and a certain push-up loving mascot. Unless you bleed green and yellow, this probably isn't for you, but I thought I'd document it nonetheless.

The Oregon Duck - Right out of the gate, we have a mascot card. I totally flipped out when I saw The Duck was included in Prizm sets awhile back, and now I'm starting to build up a few cards (a flock?) of the colorful character now.

Patrick Herbert - Yes, this is Justin's little brother, and he plays tight end.

Von Reames - Oregon always get mentioned in the media for having, like, a thousand different uniform combinations. It's a bit of a misnomer, as there's only a dozen or so games in any given season, and the actual number of different uniforms put to use is a far smaller number. I do like the all green look the best.

Josh Delgado - It took me a really long time to finally come around to the feathers-on-the-helmet look, but I do like it now. My favorite will always be the classic 'O' or the even more traditional interlocking UO. Of course, we'd need a flashback set to bust those out.

Ty Delgado - Yes, there are two Delgados on the team (or were in 2022, at least), but they do not appear to be related.

Josh Simmons - Here's a look at the back of the card. You get a small circle of the same photo from the front, plus a very basic player bio that even makes Panini look wordy.

Camden Lewis - Lewis is one of the handful of key players on the team that was around for meaningful playing time prior to the dastardly COVID season.

Max Wysocki - All yellow is cool once in awhile, but I wish it wasn't what a lot of people think of when they are talking about Ducks uniforms.

Jeffrey Bassa - The player names are very, very large and probably take up too much real estate here, and the positions are tiny. I wish there was a little more balance to it. I know this company is putting out an Oregon State set this year and it will be interesting to see how the design differs from this one.

Chase Cota - The son of Ducks star and former pro Chad Cota, Chase started out at UCLA before spending his final season in Eugene.

Troy Franklin - Franklin is a guy who I expect to see playing on Sundays one day. Here he shows off the Ducks "eggshell" jersey. I swear I wasn't going to turn this isn't a post about uniforms, but here we are.

Trikweze Bridges - Going through the whole set uncovered some interesting names for me, and Trikweze takes the award for this pack.

Bo Nix - Here's the big current star and Heisman hopeful. Nix resurrected his career after transferring from Auburn and while he still seems like the prototypical college player to me, there have been a number of scouts at the team's early games this season. Maybe some of them are there for ol' Bo.

Christian Gonzalez - We end things with a guy who is playing on Sundays right now. Gonzalez was New England's top draft pick in the most recent draft after transferring to Oregon from lowly Colorado.

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Jon said...

I don't know how I feel about the design itself, but at least a lot of the photos seem to be pretty good. And yeah, those backs need some work.