Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1990 Fleer Baseball Jumbo Pack

Man there's a bunch of different pack types for 1990 Fleer Baseball.
Took me a while to find out what this was.
There's also a cello jumbo pack with 43 cards and a cello jumbo pack with 33 cards.
So what is this type wrapper called?
The green wrapper differentiates from the regular packs of 15 cards which sport a blue wrapper.
And obviously the cello packs are clear.

The 3 Fleer stickers I pulled.
I always liked the old Astros logo with the Astrodome in the background.
Three different player cartoons make it a nice trifecta as well.
I'll have to do some research to see how many different cartoons there are.

Soaring Stars subset of 12 cards insert.
A young Robin Ventura on card No.4.
This would be a nice subset to put together.

Got a Bo Jackson to add to the Bo Jackson collection.
Puckett actually looks a little taller in on this card then I imagined him.
Interesting that Fleer allowed the photo to overlay the Super Star Specials logo.

I wont list all the remaining cards, there was nothing really to note.
I'm showing this one of Storm Davis because of the way Fleer centered the photo, very different from 99% of the other cards in the set.
Instead of a centered shot with legs cut off at the calf, Fleer chose to crop Storm vertically, slicing off his entire right leg, hip, and testicle.


Anonymous said...

The soaring stars were acutally a big deal at the time, they were only avalible in these packs. Ah memories.

Victoria said...

This is cool!