Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 Press Pass Rookie Football

Here is the last pack of football I have scanned, but yet to post. Like the previous two, this was another pack wars pack. And if I was a football collector, I would not buy this garbage. Maybe I am being too harsh - you all be the judge.

Some big names on the pack - who will I get? Now, it's bad enough that Panini doesn't have an MLB license, so we get some crappy cards without team logos. How about not even having an NCAA license? Get ready to be amazed! And by amazed, I mean bored to death. Still too harsh?

Well....there you have it. Funny they shop out the team/school name, but leave the marks of the beast plain to see. They even photoshopped the bumper of the helmet. The name and the Press Pass insignia are foil. No cheating, now - what team is Star Lotulelei from? Answers at the bottom.

How about Deandre Hopkins?

Bjoern Werner?

Justin Hunter?

And last is Cordarrelle Patterson?

Give up? Click the school name for an unshopped image of the uniform.

Lotulelei is from Univ of Utah.
Hopkins went to Clemson.
Werner attended Florida State.
Hunter took some classes at Univ of Tennessee.
Patterson was a college teammate with Hunter at Tennessee.

Oh, and the backs?

Image recycled from the front. Now I will really get harsh - click "hall of shame" cuz these cards stink.

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Todd Uncommon said...

This product line was always marginal to me, but now that practically the only remaining license Upper Deck owns of any consequence is the NCAA, it' even more unattractive and jank.

I'm sure that Upper Deck lawyers helped ensure that folks like Press Pass avoided using university logos to make them properly look like gas station giveaways.