Thursday, July 25, 2013

1991 Space Ventures Space Shots Series 2

Another junk wax gem. This one is called Space Shots featuring photography space shots from NASA missions, satellites, and astronauts. According to back of the pack its 110 card set with 25% of the profits going to Astronauts Memorial Foundation. While its 12 cards per pack I got two doubles. Time to blast off with this pack.

 178 - STS 41AC - Tumbling EVA - back of the card has picture of astronaut patch along with info about the mission.

 211 - Galileo Passing IO - picture of artist conception of Galileo satellite probing with one of Jupiter moons with Jupiter in the background. The mission ended in 2003 plunging into Jovian atmosphere.

194 - Moon From Galileo - shot taken from Galileo satellite

213 - Galaxy M-81 from Astro - shot of M-81 from Astro telescope. Technology at its infancy it improved through the years and decade with multiple telescopes. This what M-81 looks like from Hubble Telescope.

 124 - Owen K. Garriot - one of six astronaut scientists chosen in 1965

 164 - Apollo 11 - Setting Up Flag - I'm glad they put this shot in this set as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set up U.S. flag on the moon.

 118 - Harrison "Jack" Schmitt - one of six astronaut scientists chosen in 1965. After NASA he took up politics serving US senate

 180 - STS 41C - LDEF Deployment - Stands for Long Duration Exposure Facility used to expose various items especially seeds in space. It was retrieved from space in 1990.

 179 - STS 41C - Nelson at Solar Max - Solar Maximum satellite used to investigate solar phenomena. This shot feature astronaut George Nelson riding Manned Maneuvering Unit to repair the satellite. Mission ended in 1989 when it re-entered the earth and burned up.

177 - STS 41B - Stewart with MMU - Astronaut Robert Stewart testing flight of Manned Maneuvering Unit. Nice shot of the earth in the background.

Now back to earth and hope you enjoy small bit of space education.

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Todd Uncommon said...

I like how they can't even be bother with using articles in the card captions. "Setting Up Flag."

"Launching Up Rocket."

"Walking On Moon."

"Tarzan Eat Jane."