Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2012 Fleer Retro Football

Been a while since I have posted. And I have a directory loaded with scans, so let's clear this bad boy out. Here is a pack I ripped from my LCS's pack wars a month or two back.

Like the wrapper for Fleer Retro hockey, they nailed it with this pack. Five cards per pack. Let's have at it.

No NFL contract for Upper Deck, so they tap into their college license. Nice pull right out of the pack with Sanders. This is the guy that should have the NFL rushing record. A lovely remake of the classic Fleer Ultra look.

Image reuse on the back, unfortunately, but otherwise they have done the reproduction right.

How about some Fleer Metal? I think I ripped one or two packs of Metal in the past, both baseball. But I cannot complain about opening a Starr.

Ahhhhhhh - the 90's in all it's glory. I like the Skybox logo at the lower left.

I stopped ripping football in the early 90's, so I have no idea what set this is a throwback to. If it even is one. A bit boring of a design.

More metal. Dwayne Allen. At least foil works well in this regard.

Didn't get a hit - just more Metal. This was a fun pack to rip.

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