Monday, January 29, 2018

1989 Pro Set Football

Well how about that?  An almost 30-year old "junk wax" pack that hasn't been shown on here! 

When i first saw this card, I noticed "Cowboys" and thought they won.  I paid no attention to the score at the top.  My initial thought was "I wonder if Chuck Howley played in this game?"  I knew he is the only Super Bowl MVP selected from the losing team.  Lo and behold, this IS the game he was the MVP of.  Despite the card damage (blue ink on the upper right from the pack), I will be sending this to him soon to sign.  Hail, West Virginia! 

Ahhhhhh....the good ol' days of large sets when punters and kickers had cards too! 

Did I win a trip to the Pro Bowl?  Keep scrolling.

DRATS!  I guess I won't be attending the 1990 Pro Bowl. 

So, what is your favorite card from this pack?  Tell us in the comment below.  Mine is obviously the Super Bowl card! 

On a personal note, I set this post to go live at 1:08 am.  That means I was born exactly 39 years prior, to the minute, that this posts!

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P-town Tom said...

Happy Birthday!
Mine's the Simon Fletcher card. I have one NFL player's autograph and it's his! (Not on that card though.)

Pro Set Cards said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I'm going with Ray Childress because Joe Montana makes a guest appearance on the card.

Adam said...

Happy birthday!

Thanks for sharing the pack. That reminds me that I've got a complete set of this in storage currently that I need to page up.

Grant said...

The best card is easily that of Joey Browner. Happy birthday!

Fuji said...

Happy birthday! That Reggie Roby is sweet! Great action shot.

DavidJ said...

I gotta go with Roby! The high leg kick, the single-bar face mask, and as a bonus, a pair of creamsicle Bucs in the shot as well.