Tuesday, January 16, 2018

1991 Wild Card NFL

How about the weekend's playoff games? Anyway Wild Card enter the football card market in 1991 with this 160 card set. The set contain Wild Card parallel ranging from 5 to 1000 stripe. The Wild Cards can be redeemed for the equal number of cards of the player.  Here's the pack
113 - Russell Maryland - a 5 stripe Wild Card. Was no. 1 overall pick in the 91 draft and becoming part of 90s Cowboys dynasty.
51 - Mark Rypien - got a crazy border featuring Wild Card numbers with no team logo anywhere on the card, front and back. Redskins starting QB at the time as he lead them Super Bowl victory over the Bills.
15 - Jim Everett - starting QB of LA Rams before venturing down to New Orleans. Just don't call him Chris.
142 - Dave Meggett - speedy runner found himself in prison after his playing career ended
106 - Herman Moore
65 - Richard Dent
150 - Willie Anderson - his nickname was Flipper
153 - Kevin Greene
53 - John Stephens
15 - Jim Everett - another card of him
27 - Warren Moon
83 - Marion Butts - say his name slowly and it sounds like porn movie title
16 - Mark Duper
92 - John Friesz - a card for QB who just played 1 game in 1990 season. He was starter for following season before relegating to bench duty during 1993 season.

Ain't these cards wild?


Jon said...

That would have been a really solid pack back in 1991, heck, it's still pretty good in 2018!

Kin said...

I didn’t understand the stripe aspect as a kid, but I loved the card design. Only had a couple of cards though.

Bulldog said...

Pretty good pull and I always liked the Wild Card brand cards. Too bad you pulled a dupe Chri...sorry Jim Everett card. I always liked him for some reason. Fun cards and pack. Thanks.