Saturday, January 20, 2018

1995 Upper Deck Motorsports "Special Promo" Pack

Who doesn't like to rip open the old-fashioned Upper Deck foil packs?  I am one who loves the buttery smoothness of that soft foil as it tears.  Brings back the memories.  Speaking of memories, here is a 4-card "Special Promo" pack from Upper Deck's 1995 Motorsports Set.  It is not the Hobby or Retail pack and contains only 3 random Series 1 & 2 cards as well as 1 Electric insert card along with an Entry Card to try and "Win the World's Most Valuable Card".  I believe this is the WalMart promotion for the T206 Honus Wagner card.

Grab a can of Bud Light and your favorite koosie.  This one is for you.......

I wonder what the value added is here?

#198: First up, Bobby from the Labonte clan.  A powerhouse family that really helped define NASCAR.

#170: I respect Darrell's driving skills, but am not a fan of the Waltrip family.  I guess one redeeming quality is my son loves the Cars' movies so he can't be all that bad.

#76: This is what NASCAR needs to get back to.  Look at how distinguished that car is....not this cookie-cutter crap they have now.

#217: My Electric parallel version of Jeff Purvis.  That is all I have to say about that.

Come on, no Whammies..........what a storied past the T206 Wagner card has and this captures a small part of that crazy history.  You had to send this form in for a chance to win or if you happen to lose this form, you can send in your wrapper and grab an entry form at your local retailer.  I was out of collecting cards in 1995, but I can imagine this must have been a huge deal.  Anyone have any stories of trying to win this card....or actually winning it????

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Billy Kingsley said...

I have one of those entry cards in my stash but I had no idea where it came I do! This was UD's first foray into NASCAR. They did a good job overall. Watch out with the foils...they can flake and scratch easily. Moreso than other UD sets of the same time period.

Commishbob said...

DW was my favorite driver during his heyday. I waited years to get a chance to see him race in person. His career was winding down when I finally got the chance..the first ever race at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. I was really pumped. He was in that all chrome K-Mart monstrosity but I didn't care. My buddy and I had seats above the end of the dogleg just past the start/finish line. The race starts...the green flag flies...and DW whizzes past me! It was awesome...until about 3 seconds later and the big wreck in the very first turn collects Waltrip and a few others. Jeez...I didn't even get to see him turn one single lap. Next view of him is about 45 minutes later. His crew has packed up the pieces and his hauler headed out thru the tunnel.

Well that story didn't have much relevance but every time I see a DW card I think about that trip to TMS.

Fuji said...

Gotta love seeing a Miller Genuine Draft ad right on the front of a pack of cards. It's their commercials that made me go out and collect Rusty... even though I never really followed NASCAR.

Jeremya1um said...

All I remember about these things was that there were these (basically) repacked packs. You would get a baseball card from ‘94 Bowman, Finest, Donruss, and Upper Deck or something like that, and then one of those entry forms. The packs were only 50 cents each, so I got a few. There was a big display of them at our local Wal-Mart. If my memory serves me correctly, they also had them in packs of 1995 Upper Deck Minor League. I never filled one out, instead using them to get autographed by players I didn’t have a card of in Spring Training.