Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live

Wayne's World, Wayne's World....Party On, Excellent.....  Some iconic TV here from the 1990s with this 1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live pack.  Nothing fancy inside this set....which is what I like.  I imagine snagging one of the Wayne's World cards would be pretty cool.  I'm not going to try and approach the funny and witty level of SNL, but I'm hoping there are some good laughs and memories in here for everyone.  Looking at the set composition, we should be seeing different characters played by the different actors.  Load up on the Kool-Aid and popcorn, here we go.....it's live from small-town America.

Hmmm, card art....I wonder what that exactly means?!!!  What ever happened to the Star Pics company anyway?  Maybe I should write.

#16 & #31:  Pat and Chris skits were so fun to watch!  Man?  Woman?

#127 & #135: Ha, Calvin Kleen disinfectant.

#50: The price for this pack....my eternal soul....crap.

#71:  Mr. Mike....anyone???

#80: A classic skit.....that is too funny.

#99: Gene Shalit....I Love It!!!!

#113: Jimmy Carter - helping the addicts.

#82: Carsenio by Dana Carvey

There you go.  Hail to the comedians.
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Jason T. Carter said...

Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter was classic. Do you know if they made cards for all the Presidents up to that time? I think Aykroyd also did Nixon, didn't he? Then Chevy Chase as Ford, Carvey as Bush. Did Hartman play Reagan? I can't even remember.

JT, The Writer's Journey

Fuji said...

I wish I would have seen these back in 1992. SNL was one of my favorite shows for years.