Saturday, January 27, 2018

1996 Upper Deck Olympics Retail Pack

Tis the season for the Olympics.  To celebrate, let's dive into this retail 10-card pack of 1996 Upper Deck Olympicards and see what gold, silver, or bronze glory lies within.  According to The Trading Card Database, this set has 135 cards in it with 4 subsets: Magical Images (1 per pack), Reign of Gold (1 per 17 packs), Reflections of Gold (1 per 5 packs), and Reflections of Gold Signatures (1 per 79 packs).  Lots of great athletic variety here and some big names like Michael Jordan, Evander Holyfied, Mark Henry, Larry Bird, and Nancy Kerrigan to name a few.  Oh yeah, and Kristi Yamaguchi for those figure skating fans.  Grab some hot cocoa and a bowl of oatmeal, this pack is going to get real....

Boy, they sure could have used a different image of that basketball player.  The U.S. is serious when it comes to the Olympics....

#113 - Marty Nothstein takes the early lead in this pack.....I love the UD card stock and photography.

#119 - Tracey Fuchs....I thought she was a man at first.  Tracey has two cousins, Pat and Chris.

#99 - Chanda Rubin....great action shot.

#39 - Frank Shorter - One of the last times the US won a gold at the marathon...Frank is also 5' 10" despite his name.

#80 - Andrea Mead Lawrence - our first Winter Olympics card.

#104 - Mark Henry - Bam, nailed this card of the former WWE star and powerlifter.

#1 - Matt Biondi - Bubbles!!!

#85 - Hilary Lindh - Who is excited for the Olympics in a few weeks??

#MI 19 Yachting - Here is my promised Magical Images Insert of a difficult sport to spell.

#RG9 - I overcame adversity in pack-insert odds and nailed a 1:5 pack Reflections of Gold of Janet Evans.  She is only 5' 4".  Holy cow.

Well, there you have it.  I hope this gets everyone a little more into the Olympic Spirit.  Go for Gold!

Have an awesome weekend!


Tim B. said...

Great pack! Congrats on the Mark Henry. Bring on the Winter Games!!!

Jafronius said...


Fuji said...

Never seen these before. Gotta look for that Yamaguchi you mentioned.

Bulldog said...

I had not seen these before. Great Evans card. Good stuff.