Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball Rack Pack


Hope everyone's doing well.  The fourth quarter's about to start in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.  I'm going with Heat in 6.  LeBron's gonna play all crazy-like and Wade and Bosh will play pretty close to what's expected of them.

Anyway, I felt the need to post a basketball pack for the Finals.  It's a variation of a pack we saw before...it's a 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball Rack Pack!

There were two versions of this rack pack, one had LeBron on it and other had Jordan.  I don't think there was a difference between the two other than the athlete that graced the front of the pack.  As you can see, there's 36 cards in the pack with 2 exclusive Sophomore Sensation cards.  Here's what was in the Top Pack:

Top Pack:
#19 – Emeka Okafor
#57 – Andris Biedrins
#119 – Chris Douglas-Roberts
#95 – Dwayne Wade
#44 – Dahntay Jones
#92 – Mike Conley
#142 – Hedo Turkoglu
#104 – Andrew Bogut
#SS-LM – Luc Mbah A Moute (Sophomore Sensations)
#294 – Spencer Haywood (Immortals)
#963 – Michael Jordan Legacy
#177 – Michael Finley
#191 – Mehmet Okur
#163 – Steve Blake
#93 – Michael Beasley
#86 – Trevor Ariza
#50 – Rodney Stuckey
#112 – Craig Smith

I did not scan every card since we've seen a pack already.  Below are some samples:

As usual, the photography is very good.  Showing the back of the Turkoglu card just because of Hedo's goofy grin.  Here's more from the Top Pack:

 And the backs:

Upper Deck used the same design as the Baseball set they put out that year.  The names and some of the logos are sometimes hard to read; it may have been because of the photography used for the card.  Bonus points for digging up that old Seattle logo:

Here are the cards from the Bottom Pack:

Bottom Pack:
#131 – Jared Jeffries
#109 – Al Jefferson
#55 – Jamal Crawford
#137 – Desmond Mason
#144 – Rashard Lewis
#200 – Dominic McGuire
#80 – Pau Gasol
#182 – Andrea Bargnani
#208 – Eric Maynor (RC)
#SS-BB – Bobby Brown (Sophomore Sensations)
#51 – Amir Johnson
#71 – Jeff Foster
#195 – Antawn Jamison
#181 – Jose Calderon
#72 – Jarrett Jack
#120 – Eduardo Najera
#106 – Joe Alexander
#114 – Devin Harris

And again, here are some samples:

Packs like these were plentiful at Wal-Marts and Meijers for a while.  I would just keep buying packs thinking I didn't have the big names.  Then, after realizing I had a stack of packs, I double-checked them and saw that I had the big names just a few packs in; sure, I would have loved to pull a Blake Griffin or Stephen Curry RC, but they were short printed.  Discounted pack buying can be addicting.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Here's hoping to a long and entertaining Finals.  Oh, and go Blackhawks!  I'm sure JediJeff's got some hockey packs all lined up for Lord Stanley's Cup.  Thanks for reading!

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