Friday, June 07, 2013

1995 Skybox Bill Nye The Science Guy

       As my first post on this site, I was torn as to what pack to do, as my love of oddball cards makes choosing just one favorite very difficult. Then it all came together with one bid on Lista:
 photo bn1_zpsd43be7e0.jpg
1995 Skybox Bill Nye The Science Guy cards!  I never even knew such things existed.

Sadly, Bill was on the air a little later than I could really appreciate him.  Did that stop me from watching the show? Hell no! 'cuz this show is friggin' awesome. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! If you have kids and don't make them watch this show, you should be arrested for child abuse.

So what do these cards look like?  Exactly what you would expect from the mid-90's:
 photo bnf_zps07554bb1.jpg
These are covered in purple and magenta and teal and Bill's very goofy face. I got Plants, the Periodic Chart, Stegosaurus, Digestion, Antibodies, a couple of do-it-at-home experiments, a sticker, and a contest card that expired in 1996 - pity, I'd enjoy a free trip to Disney World.

Let's look at the backs of these too:
 photo bnb_zps658bfd13.jpg
Wonderfully colorful and informative, eight-year old Max would love to find more of these.  Luckily, these form a wonderful starting nine, perfect for my own collection and blog.


Unknown said...

Now we just need some Beakman's World cards.

Fuji said...

Loved this show. Gotta see if I can find me a set.

Josh D. said...

Every set should have a card of "Antibodies." Make it happen, Ginter!