Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 Topps Series 2


Hope everyone is doing well.  Looking forward to Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  The rest of the Heat certainly stepped up when LeBron wasn't playing too well.  Here's hoping the Blackhawks can make a similar statement tomorrow...scoring on a power play is a good start.

Anyway, the release date for these guys is today, but one of the Targets in my area had them out Monday.  The one closest to me had them out yesterday, and I grabbed a couple of packs.  Here's some 2013 Topps Series 2!

As usual, 330 cards are in Series 2, with the returning favorites and a couple new insert sets.  Let's see what I got (I apologize in advance for the scanner cutting off the borders):

#626 - Gio Gonzalez
#629 - Trevor Plouffe
#371 - Jeremy Affeldt

#437 - Dayan Viciedo
#627 - David Price (Cy Young Award)
#569 - Ryan Ludwick

The back of Price's card breaks down his season stats.  While I enjoy these celebration cards, you really should see the player's face.  Here comes the inserts:

#CH-86 - Roy Halladay (Chasing History)
#CTC-28 - Al Kaline (Cut to the Chase)

Didn't get one of the new inserts, but I'm not complaining with the Kaline card.  

#373 - Derek Jeter (Checklist)
#503 - Clay Buchholz
#497 - Brett Myers

I would have rather seen the Checklist cards highlight an achievement, instead of taunting the player; why not 4,000 hits?  Just a few more years, Derek!

#586 - Jose Quintana
#432 - Jose Iglesias
#522 - Dallas Keuchel

I like the new Astros logo.  The new uniforms, not so much.

Oh, here are some back samples, because that's how it is:

Anyway, that's the pack.  The Kaline saved it.  If you paid attention, you'll see that I got 2 extra cards in this pack - bonus for me!  Enjoy Game 4 tonight and Game 7 Thursday...thanks for reading!


Mark Kaz said...

Has to be considered a HOF pack if you get a Kaline die cut, right??

Commishbob said...

Your scanner does a better job than mine does with the 2013s. I can't seem to get it to not cut off the names without a whole lot of shenanigans on my part.

jacobmrley said...

Derek will be lucky to get one more hit this season.

(maniacal Mets fan laugh)

Stealing Home said...

That Kaline Rocks!