Tuesday, May 14, 2019

1993 Leaf Baseball Series 1

I'm with a pack of 1993 Leaf and its at whopping 18 cards. This is one of best designed set for its photography on the front AND back. I will post the backside as it feature city landmarks.
198 - Darryl Hamilton - night view of downtown Milwaukee
103 - Bill Gullickson
94 - Bob Welch - sunset view of Bay Bridge
85 - Ozzie Guillen - downtown Chicago and not even near the tracks of Comiskey
3 - Juan Guzman - look in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a World Series ring
115 - Nolan Ryan - Dallas skyline with Reunion Tower
76 - Kent Hrbek - got a view of the Metrodome
67 - Mike Devereaux - looks like they stack two photos of top of each other. You have bay/shoreline on the bottom and what looks to be outside of Camden Yards on top.
58 - Brian McRae
210 - Darryl Strawberry - sunset view of downtown LA
211 - Tom Gordon - a flash in the fountains. Close up shot of the horse statue at JC Nichols Memorial Fountain.
112 - John Franco
123 - Mike Morgan - Buckingham Fountain in the background
134 - Bob Walk - instead a city landmark they went with steel because Pittsburgh is the Steel City
201 - Ken Hill - outside parliament building
40 - Kenny Lofton
21 - Frank Viola - downtown Boston complete with custom house clock tower
12 - Jim Austin

Most of city background shots are taken from the sunset/night. I like how they put "These players and teams represent this city" aspect. Leaf set wins hands down for this design.


Jafronius said...

The framing on the Nolan Ryan card is awesome. It's like he's trying to make sure the card doesn't collapse on him!

Fuji said...

That sunset shot of the Bay Bridge is pretty cool on that Welch card.