Tuesday, May 28, 2019

2019 Topps Big League Jumbo Rack Pack

 I've seen a lot of hate for this set so far this year.  But I'm a fan and am seriouly considering putting the set together this year.  I love the fact that it's a unique design on a low end product.  Blasters are only $10 and this rack pack of 30 cards is just under $5.  Plus there are some fun inserts and the chance at pulling an auto.  I even like the design.  I'm not sure if Topps pulled off what they were trying to do with the base design, but I don't hate it.  Let's have a look at what was in the pack. 
I'm going to feature the 2018 NL MVP and one of my current favorite players Christian Yelich.  Yelich is featured on 9 cards in the base set, although he shares the card with two other players on a bunch of them. 

 A smattering of the base.
 Here's what a base card back looks like.  Only 5 year's of stats max back here, but a nice clean design. I'm not a fan of the number placement.
 Here's what the back of the multi-player leader cards look like.
Here are the rest of the base cards from the pack
Each jumbo rack pack comes with 3 gold parallels.  

And it seems like each rack pack comes with 3 inserts as well here are the 3 I got.

 As a bonus I pulled my first numbered rainbow foil card and could have done much worse.


Johnnys Trading Spot said...

I spy a "golden touki".

P-town Tom said...

I've opened one blaster myself and seen the few backs you've shown here and I've already found three errors on the backs of cards. "is the one he's used on his a blog he writes..." Well, it's a grammatical error.
Big League is my favorite product this year, but I sure do wish Topps would put more time into their products.

Big Tone said...

I just saw that Pete Alonso was included In this set so I'll definitely be looking to pick up a couple of packs!