Monday, April 15, 2024

1993 Skybox Return of Superman


Here we have a pack of 1993 Skybox Return of Superman cards. The set contains 100 base cards. In addition to those, there are foil cards, an uncut sheet, a silver factory set, a gold factory set, and several promo cards.

Each card features a comic-style image surrounded by a Superman logo border. The border is gray/silver with a darker gray/silver Superman "S" emblem. The center image occupies the majority of the front. At the bottom, in white text, the card's caption appears (usually left-justified). In the opposite lower corner, the Superman insignia appears in a stylized metallic appearance. The logo is not metallic, it's just drawn that way - a la Jessica Rabbitt.

The backs of the cards feature the text, "The Return of Superman" at the top center. This has a background designed to look like Superman's cape with the logo below the word "Superman" in a yellow-ish color. Below that, the card's caption from the front is repeated, here in black. Below that, text related to the card gives background info or context. Below that, the card's number is centered in a small blue oval. The number itself is white. And finally, we have copyright info at the very bottom.

The full checklist can be found below:


John Bateman said...

If I remember correctly, this cards were very hot at one point and impossible to get/find.

Jafronius said...

The Death of Superman comic was an earth-shaker back then. I have a couple of packs of this packed away.