Thursday, April 18, 2024

2022 SAGE Artistry

I picked up this mysterious pack out of a repack thing at Walgreen's the other day. I'm mostly familiar with SAGE's "Hit" brand of cards, but apparently this seems to be an attempt to do something a little classier.

I have no idea what the heck a micro-printer would be or how it would benefit a sports card manufacturer, but the pack wrapper makes it sound extra-important.

11 - Darrian Beavers - This design definitely has a motivational poster vibe to it.

50 - Hassan Haskins - The cards definitely use photographs with some sort of computer magic applied. I'm not sure if the Artistry here is supposed to refer to the player's work on the field or what filter the good people at SAGE used on their photo-editing software.

34 - Breece Hall - This looks to be a silver or grey parallel. I've had a lot of people send me colored parallels from SAGE over the years, so this appears to be a thing that they do.

106 - Pierre Strong, Jr. - This one uses a different design but still appears to be part of the base set.

71 - Kyle Hamilton - Last up we have a safety from Notre Dame. This uses a special background, so it might be a parallel as well.

Here's a look at the back of the last card. There's a decent amount of bio info here, but no stats. It's still a lot better than Panini (and... ugh... Leaf) give you typically.

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