Monday, April 01, 2024

2022 Bowman Platinum

Here's a short and sweet pack that I picked up in a Walgreen's repack thing. I typically never open Bowman Platinum stuff because we don't really have Walmarts around here, but I'll pick up a few cards here and there for my team collection.

44 - Trevor Story - This particular Bowman Platinum year features a swirling background of sorts. Story was new to the Red Sox at the time. His offense has really fallen off a cliff since he landed in Boston.

TOP-94 - Colby White - Similar to other Bowman products, the set includes a separate Prospects set. White hasn't cracked the Rays regular season roster yet, but he did start off the current season at the AAA level, which is a good sign.

55 - Ketel Marte - Marte was last year's NLCS MVP in his team's unlikely run to the World Series.

18 - Christian Yelich Aqua Ice 078/250 - With only four cards in the pack, I was surprised that one of them was numbered. This will probably end up in the hands of some Brewers fan at some point.

Here's a bonus look at the back of one of the base cards. At least we get a few stats here, but it's otherwise pretty basic.

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