Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2004 Upper Deck SPx

Here's another $1 card show find. I have to say that I really like this set. I'm sure there's no way I could have afforded it at the time of release, and I think the dealer that was selling these was just trying to clear shelf space for other products. It was tossed in a bin with packs of college hockey and WNBA, I think.

89 - Bret Boone - This set even manages to make Bret Boone look awesome.

111 - Jerry Gil Tier 1 SpXciting Rookies 0368/1599 - I just looked at Jerry Gil's Baseball Ref page and I am honestly speechless.

28 - Eric Chavez - Chavez is just pretending to throw.

84 - Derek Jeter - That guy.


The Junior Junkie said...

Cool set.

Poor Jerry. At least he got that awesome card.

Matt said...

The craziest thing is that he has 12 years of sundry minor league experience (plus those 88 plate appearances in the big show) and he just turned 30 over the winter.