Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Topps Spring Fever

Free packs! Who doesn't like getting free cards? Granted, to get a pack of 2013 Spring Fever, you had to buy a pack and pull the redemption card. But still - free. So if you pulled a card, get over to your participating LCS for a pack of 5 cards. I had three redemption cards - here is the best of my 3 packs.

Boom! 2012 not MVP Mike Trout. Very refractor-y cards; the scans don't show that. Bad HP scanner! Standard foil name at the bottom. Not liking the design.

The back looks like the redemption card. Zero stats, just a little bio information for the player.

Again, the scans do no justice. Prince should be surrounded by orange/green.

Same goes for Jean here.

Well there's a nice pull. Won't complain over a card like that. RIP Stan the Man.

And it finishes with Bautista. Oh - if you are wondering why I didn't post the wrapper, I didn't feel like scanning a piece of blank foil. Yup - no printing on the wrapper. Just a whole lot of silver.


Matt Pederson said...

I got that same exact pack, but with Dan Haren instead of Mike Trout.

Roy-Z said...

I think I like these quite a bit, actually. Tropical.

The Angels In Order said...

I have to ask if you're planning on keeping that Trout.