Friday, February 01, 2013

2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot

I picked this up for a dollar. If you get a chance to get some sweet, sweet Sweet Spot for a dollar, you're not going to turn it down, are you?

76 - Rocco Baldelli - The rays of metal on this design are kind of distracting.

146 - Merkin Valdez Sweet Beginnings 412/799 - On one hand, it's a rookie card. On the other hand, it's a Merkin.

56 - Mark Prior - Two flameouts and a Merkin so far. I feel bad for Baldelli, though. I can't really feel that bad for Prior due to his Cubs and USC ties.

42 - Jim Thome - Ah, there's someone we can all feel good about. I believe it's humanly impossible to dislike Jim Thome.


Anonymous said...

Jim Thome and his thirteen inch penis. Seriously, look it up.

JediJeff said...

13? I knew I was better than Thome at something.

Couple nice high cuffs in that pack.

night owl said...

Why would I look that up?

I was going to say something pleasant and now, well ...

Anonymous said...

I looked it up - his nickname is ANACONDA. Enough said.