Friday, April 17, 2020

1992 Leaf Series 1

Lots of fail makes it hard to scan.
Series 1, 15 cards per pack

#67 Frank Thomas Checklist
Score right off the bat since I'm a checklist collector!

#185 Kevin Mitchell
At one per pack, a Gold Edition is a sure pull. Pulling a superstar is the hard part.

#186 Brett Butler
This design is pretty close to the perfect back.

#115 Charles Nagy
Who can name that pitch?

#121 Scott Servais
Thats a really nice action shot.

#127 Scott Livingston

#68 Tom Gordon
Flash makes it look effortless.

#54 Carlos Hernandez

#60 John Olerud
Nice one for the PC. He's one of my all-time favorites.

#128 Jay Buhner

#63 Felix Jose
Think he put that ball in play?

#BC-8 Gold Leaf Rookies Matt Stairs "Professional Hitter"
Gold Leaf Rookies were found about 5 per box.
Although not a superstar, definitely one of the best pinch hitters EVER.
Holds the record for most pinch hit home runs.
Played for more teams than any position player in the history of MLB.

#215 Gregg Jefferies

#210 Bobby Thigpen
Held the single season saves record (57) until K-Rod broke it in 2008.

#202 Carlos Baerga

#194 Ivan Rodriguez
I seem to pull Pudge a lot.


Brett Alan said...

That is indeed a really nice back design...but in light of Night Owl's recent post, I have to point out that the number is rather small and inconveniently located.

Fuji said...

The black bordered parallels are beautiful. My favorite thing about this product.