Wednesday, April 29, 2020

2020 Topps Opening Day

Topps has been putting out their budget priced Opening Day set for decades now, aside from 2009 when the set failed to make an appearance. Here's a pack from this year's bunch.

35 - Trea Turner - First up is a card of a newly crowned champion.

142 - Carlos Santana - This one is begging for a caption contest.

34 - Jeff McNeil - McNeil had an exceptional rookie season that was overshadowed by his own teammate.

39 - Carter Kieboom - Kieboom didn't appear enough with the Nationals last season to burn his rookie status, so he's still considered a rookie even though this card lacks the RC logo.

146 - George Springer - Thumbs up!

57 - Dustin May - I am speechless.

TTC-1 - Judge's Court Team Traditions and Celebrations - There's usually some sort of insert in each Opening Day pack, which is pretty solid for such a budget priced product.


P-town Tom said...

OD inserts are usually some of my favorites. Not a bad pack overall.

night owl said...

Dustin May is already the 2020 Baseball Card Player of the Year.

Fuji said...

May's hair is second to none.

jacobmrley said...

Carter Kieboom is the best recent name in baseball. I hope he hits 50 home runs one year to live up to it.