Monday, April 27, 2020

1995 Leaf Series 1 Baseball Retail

Here is a small pack from Donruss 1995 Leaf Series 1 Baseball Retail only has 5 cards and was a $1 and unlike the current Dollar tree that have no inserts or autos these packs are labeled that inserts, subsets and retail exclusives were in these packs.  The following is what was possible.
204 Regular series 1 base cards.
Gold Leaf Rookies 1:6 Packs.
Cornerstones 1:42 Packs.
Slideshow 1:84 Packs.
Gold Leaf Stars 1:270 Packs.
Retail only 300 Club 1:30 Packs.

Here is my pack 5 base cards I do like that there is a total of 4 pictures of each player (2 on Front & Back) and there all different pictures.

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Fuji said...

I've always liked the Leaf Slideshow inserts. Had no idea they were so hard to pull.