Tuesday, April 28, 2020

2020 Topps Stickers

For the second consecutive year, Topps went with a full-sized sticker-card combination for their annual MLB sticker album. I picked up a blaster online for fun, which are again available for an SRP of $9.99. I'll show each sticker and card back individually here. Unlike the 2019 set (which has yet to turn up here, it seems), both the fronts and backs are individually numbered. Last year, the card number(s) represented both the front and back. Confusing.

158 - Rosie Red / 167 - Dinger / 177 - Billy the Marlin - First up, we have some mascot stickers, which are individually divvied up into 3 smaller stickers, plus a Topps logo sticker for fun. I've seen other mascot sticker panels where all 4 sections had mascots on them. I suppose there aren't enough mascots available to be divisible by 4. (Topps doesn't seem to have a license to print certain mascot names, incidentally, which has always been a little strange.)

122 - David Price - On the back of the mascots thing is this card back of David Price. The backs all seem to use the same design with a lot of triangular shapes. It sort of reminds me of the ToppsTown contest or maybe a rejected design for the short-lived Topps Attax.

47 - Max Scherzer Flame Throwers - Along with the mascots, there seem to be a lot of subsets in the sticker album. We haven't actually seen the base sticker design yet, although if you've opened a decent amount of 2020 Topps Opening Day, you already know what it is.

129 - Wil Myers - On the back of the Scherzer is Wil (the Thril?) Myers.

72 - Jose Berrios - Here is the actual base sticker design. It's simple. It's okay.

32 - Carlos Correa - On the flip side of the Berrios sticker is Mr. Carlos Correa.

45 - Niko Goodrum - Rounding out the 4 card/sticker pack is Niko Goodrum.

21 - Justin Verlander - And JV is on the reverse of Goodrum's sticker-card.


P-town Tom said...

The whole numbering thing has me really confused. And what if you put the stickers in the album? Are guys who are on the backs not represented in the album then? Or do they also appear on the front somewhere?

Fuji said...

It's been a few years since I've seen the name "Stomper" on an A's mascot card. Kind of a bummer... but I still like the Opening Day inserts and these stickers.