Saturday, April 04, 2020

1999 UD Choice Rookie Class Cans

I am probably breaking a bit of a rule here, but I am posting the complete set of 1999 UD Choice Rookie Class cans. That's right. These are metal cans!* I am not actually posting the packs from the cans, as the cans themselves are still sealed/unopened. 

The set consists of 6 sealed cans of cards. The late 90's were something of a wild west for what manufacturers were doing with the hobby. In a lot of ways, I miss those days. I digress, often. 

Each can features the "Upper Deck Company" text along with the card (er, can) number "X of 6" at the top rim. Text describing the contents of each can, the "UD CHOICE" logo, the "Rookie Class" insignia, a picture of the player, the player's name and position are also featured. If that weren't enough, the player's jersey number, team logo, and a badge indicating that the can has "1 Rookie Class Card Inside" adorn the can.

There is a barcode and a slew of copyrights and various odds for the sets of cardboard contained inside.

Inside, each can has a pack of 5 cards. There are 4 regular issue UD Choice cards plus the aforementioned Rookie Class card.

The bottom edge of the can features Upper Deck, MLBPA, and MLB logos plus the text indicating that there is "1 pack per can, 5 cards per pack."

 *If you're wondering how I got the pictures of the cans, I experimented with my flatbed scanner. Turns out, with practice, one can time rolling the can in sync with the scan bar moving along. It's a fun party trick! The biggest issue (and you can see it in the scans) is that the cans would skid because the platen is glass. But, hey, I managed to scan cans, right?


Fuji said...

Cool trick with the scanner. I've seen plenty of Pinnacle Inside cans, but never these. I kinda want to add the Chavez can to my A's shelf.

P-town Tom said...

I've never seen these before. Not a bad rookie class, all things considered. And yes, nice party trick!

Jafronius said...

These days we all have time to experiment. Nice job and welcome back to posting's been a while!

jacobmrley said...

An here I thought I was pretty slick because I can scan the front and back of a baseball card on the same scan and then you go and scan a whole can in one shot in perfect legible form. Quite impressive.